Best Tactical Gloves – TOP 30 Editor’s Choice

TOP 6 Best Tactical Gloves

Tactical gloves range from simple “hobbyist” models to high-tech accessories that provide maximum protection in the harshest conditions.

How to Choose Tactical Gloves

The main criterion here is the material of manufacture, which determines the strength and durability of the model. Gloves made from technologically advanced synthetic materials, such as neoprene or polyester, can provide a balance between wearing comfort and reliability.

Choosing the right size is important. If you cannot measure gloves in a store, you will need to find out the length from the base of the palm to the tip of the middle finger, as well as the distance from the first phalanx of the index finger to the second phalanx of the little finger. Measurements are best done on the “working” hand.

Before buying, decide on the specifics of future use. For cold climates, we advise you to purchase a thick and water-resistant model, for prolonged use in hot weather – thin gloves with ventilation holes.

Protection from punctures and sharp blows will be provided by special inserts on the inside and outside of the gloves.

Do not forget about the clasps. The most popular and easiest to use are Velcro. They allow you to quickly put on gloves and adjust the fit. You can use a model without fasteners only if the size is selected as accurately as possible.

Tactical gloves vary in protection class. Reinforced expensive models can protect the owner from many dangers and injuries. However, it should be remembered that the higher the protection class, the more limited hand mobility.


What are tactical gloves for?

The main purpose of tactical gloves (or shooting gloves) is to protect hands from external factors: cold, wind, blows from sharp objects, etc. In addition, tactical gloves are useful in hand-to-hand combat, and also facilitate the use of weapons or auxiliary accessories in extreme conditions.

How to extend the life of their tactical gloves?

Despite the increased protective characteristics, such products have a limited service life. To reduce wear and tear on gloves, manufacturers recommend that you treat them with care. Such recommendations mean only one thing – do not check the pair for strength unnecessarily (do not hit hard objects with knuckles on purpose and do not deliberately try to pierce them with a knife).

What types of tactical gloves are there?

The most popular are full-fingered models with a classic design. There are also fingerless gloves – these are designed for comfortable use of weapons, sports equipment, equipment control, etc. Security officials demand products equipped with brass knuckles. But for conditions of an unfavorable climate, insulated models are produced.

TOP 6 Best Tactical Gloves

Our rating includes gloves that will be useful not only for the military and paintball players, but also for fans of extreme entertainment, tourists and hunters.

#1 Pyramex GL201X2

Pyramex GL201X2

Versatile choice. Pyramex gloves maintain their quality regardless of the conditions of use. A reliable solution for hunters, sportsmen, fishermen, military personnel and more.


  • high strength;
  • light weight;
  • snug fit with secure fit.

The model is characterized by increased wear resistance due to the presence of polycarbonate inserts in the palm parts. Special thermoplastic rubber protectors reduce the likelihood of injury during vigorous activity. A comfortable fit is facilitated by the use of two-layer spandex.

The weight of the gloves is 140 grams. Other features include the ability to adjust the cuffs for a more secure fit. Anti-vibration dampers ensure minimal resonance. All materials used in production are not afraid of getting wet and exposure to extreme temperatures.

#2 Helikon-Tex USM

Helikon-Tex USM

Safety in extreme situations. These gloves are suitable for any season. They are recommended for outdoor enthusiasts, law enforcement officers, fans of military games, etc.


  • durable materials;
  • vibration damping;
  • moisture resistance.

The model is made with the use of high-tech materials: neoprene, polyurethane, spandex, elastane, etc. This provides the gloves with resistance to difficult climatic conditions, breaking load, wear. The pair will last a long time and will not cause problems when cleaning.

The internal parts are non-slip, ensuring a secure grip on weapons or tools. In the palmar area, there are special gel pads designed to absorb shocks and reduce the likelihood of hand injury.

#3 Mechanix Fastfit Multicam (FFTAB-78)

Mechanix Fastfit Multicam

Gloves with excellent ventilation. Despite the good breathability, these gloves will be equally comfortable in both summer and winter. The ideal choice for law enforcement officials.


  • easy cleaning;
  • wear resistance;
  • long preservation of the form.

The palm of the glove is made of a durable and wear-resistant material that has a thickness of 0.6 millimeters. Thanks to this, they are not afraid of punctures, high tensile stress and retain their shape for a long time. The use of TrekDry technology provides the necessary breathability.

For placing gloves on the equipment, special nylon bearing loops are provided. Elastic cuffs ensure quick donning and a snug fit. The reinforced design of the finger portions serves not only for added reliability, but also facilitates the operation of touch devices.

#4 Brandcamp G1

Brandcamp G1

Excellent protection against injury. Brandcamp gloves will be useful when doing vigorous activities with a risk to the hands. The modern choice for extreme operating conditions.


  • reinforced construction;
  • light weight;
  • put on quickly.

The model features a large number of sealing elements, which guarantees a secure fit and contributes to additional protection of the wearer from injury. The material of manufacture is not afraid of point load and rupture. The non-slip surface remains comfortable for extended use.

The total weight of the pair is 130 grams. There are ventilation inserts on the outside of the glove (like in drop leg holsters). The use of Velcro fasteners allows you to quickly adjust the fit, and special holes in the cuffs allow you to hang gloves on equipment.

#5 ECOS Power 2006


Inexpensive sports model. Such gloves are used during fitness, ATV driving or participation in war games. A budget but very reliable choice.


  • durable materials;
  • low price;
  • quick donning.

The model is made of elastic and lightweight synthetic material – it is not afraid of wear and tear and retains its shape for a long time. There are additional inserts in the palm part and fingers of the gloves for a comfortable grip of objects.

The neoprene Velcro strap ensures quick donning and a secure fit, while the special loops make it easy to remove the pair. The gloves are easy to care for and can be machine washed.

#6 Alloy Rage

Alloy RageLightweight couple. The Rage model performs well with regular and long-term use. An excellent choice for tourists, sportsmen, hunters, etc.


  • the presence of shields;
  • effective ventilation;
  • light weight;
  • comfortable fit.

Rage Alloy Gloves are equipped with shockproof molded plastic protection and reinforced overlays to minimize the likelihood of injury in harsh conditions. For added comfort, soft cushions are sewn on the inside.

Velcro fasteners secure gloves securely. There are also special loops here – for hanging them on camping equipment.

The materials used are polyester, spandex and artificial leather. This reduces the rate of wear and provides high durability of the gloves.

Top 10 Most Popular Tactical Boots

As you know, shoes are one of the main elements of tactical equipment. The ability to easily overcome rough terrain, be comfortable, have good protection. All these properties must be possessed by a good trekking shoe. Today we will look at the ten most popular models of tactical boots.

#1 Original SWAT Boots

Original SWAT

In tenth place are the products of the Original SWAT company. These firms were founded in 1999 in the USA. Initially, she set herself the goal of producing high-quality tactical shoes for law enforcement officers, military and special forces. The slogan of the company is the combination of functionality and comfort of the shoe. The assortment includes various trekking boots, varying in height, waterproof, with additional protection and others. A distinctive feature of the company is that the top of most boots is made of leather, and the bottom is made of durable nylon. Models are presented both with side zipper and laces. The most popular Hawk. The main color of the shoes is black, but some models are available in olive and coyote. The average cost of Original SWAT boots is about $ 100.

#2 Magnum Boots

Magnum Boots

In ninth place are Magnum boots. The history of this company began in 1982 and initially it produced safety shoes for the CIA training center. The main requirements for these shoes were lightness, comfort and practicality. Since 1983, Magnum shoes have gained popularity among police officers, rescuers and civilians. Therefore, in the future, Magnum focused exclusively on the production of tactical shoes. The boots of this company have a number of advantages: Cordura nylon inserts provide waterproofness and durability, soften the gait and help to correctly distribute the position of the foot while walking. The boots have a thoughtful cut and strong seams, which significantly increases their service life. There are three segments in the range of Magnum footwear: elite, professional and casual. The most popular are the Magnum Spider ankle boots. Magnum shoes cost 100-200 US dollars. Today Magnum works with suppliers in 80 countries around the world.

#3 Blackhawk Boots

Blackhawk Boots

The eighth place in our rating went to the Blackhawk boots. The Blackhawk company was founded in 1993 in the USA. In addition to clothing and equipment, Blackhawk produces sneakers, boots and ankle boots, which are in demand among intelligence officers and private military companies. Made from Cordura and leather, Blackhawk boots are moisture-resistant and durable. The special outsole provides reliable traction on uneven surfaces. The toe and heel are reinforced with additional leather inserts. Blackhawk footwear is characterized by good quality and adequate protective performance. The average cost of such shoes is $ 100.

#4 Merrell Trekking Shoes

Merrell Trekking Shoes

In seventh place are Merrell trekking shoes. The Merrell company was founded in 1981 in the USA and was engaged in sewing cowboy-style boots. The main feature of this shoe was that it was all made by hand, and it took at least six months to make each pair. Thanks to its unusual approach and high quality products, Merrell quickly gained popularity. Today, the Merrell brand produces a wide variety of footwear for outdoor activities, survival and tourism. And although Merrell mostly specializes in sports shoes, its assortment includes a separate tactical line. Merrell footwear is characterized by comfort, reliable traction and soft cushioning. It uses proprietary technology specifically designed for foot comfort. Due to the convenience and quality of products, the Merrell brand is used by both army units and various paramilitaries. The most popular are the Merrell Moab Tactical ankle boots. The average price of Merrell boots starts at $ 100.

#5 5.11 Tactical Boots

5.11 Tactical Boots

Sixth place is taken by the 5.11 Tactical boots. This company was founded in 2003 in the USA. The history of the 5.11 Tactical company began with the production of clothing for mountaineers. The name 5.11 comes from the highest level of difficulty in rock climbing. In 2003, the main direction of the company was the production of tactical equipment and the name was supplemented with the word Tactical. Today the 5.11 Tactical company produces clothing for hunters, fishermen, outdoor enthusiasts, overalls and equipment for law enforcement officers. The 5.11 Tactical tactical boots are lightweight and, as a result, provide good speed and comfort of movement. Some models use reinforcement and Kevlar protective pads to protect the legs from various injuries and provide stabilizing support during running, mountaineering and cross-country movement. One of the most popular models is the XPRT 2.0 Tactical boots. The toe of this boot is made of wear-resistant composites that protect the toes from accidental impact. There are special stabilizer strips on the ankle that securely fix the foot in the boot, while maintaining comfort and light weight. Today, 5.11 Tactical equipment is officially used by the FBI, PMCs, various special forces and just outdoor enthusiasts. The average cost of the boots is about $ 150.

#6 Tactical Scarpa Shoes

Tactical Scarpa Shoes

In fifth place are the tactical Scarpa shoes. This Italian footwear company was founded in 1938. Initially, Scarpa focused on the production of footwear for farmers, later the company began to produce footwear for mountaineering, climbing and outdoor activities. This company was the first to develop plastic mountaineering boots and the first to make shoes with a gortex membrane. The Scarpa trekking shoe features a rubberized toe cap. Today Scarpa is one of the largest footwear manufacturers in the world. In addition to a gortex membrane and a special sole, the boots use a midsole, cordura welt and upper made of wear-resistant materials to protect the shoe. Scarpa footwear is used by both individual special forces and outdoor enthusiasts. By the way, in 2010, three thousand pairs of these shoes were purchased for American rangers and special operations forces. Scarpa trekking shoes cost from $ 200.

#7 Danner Boots

Danner Boots

The fourth place is taken by Danner products. Founded in 1848 in the USA, this company was initially engaged in the manufacture of special footwear for foresters and only in 1932 was registered as a Danner brand. This brand has become a leader in the segment of military and hiking shoes. These are expensive but very high quality shoes that are manufactured to the highest quality standards. One pair of Danner boots is able to outlive several pairs of cheap shoes and is designed for several seasons. It is known that Danner boots, which the company supplied to the US Army, have fully passed the test of Afghanistan. All models are characterized by the use of the patented proprietary technology, which consists in the fact that the upper part of the boot is sewn with thick thread to the middle layer of the sole. This ensures greater reliability and durability. Thanks to a thick layer of leather and the use of a gortex membrane, the seams of the boots are completely waterproof. Danner is an excellent trekking shoe with one major drawback, which costs up to $ 400 for original boots.

#8 Asolo Tactical Footwear

Asolo Tactical Footwear

In third place is Asolo tactical footwear. Founded in 1975 in Italy, this company is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of trekking shoes. Asolo embodies the latest technology in footwear. Although the main line is mountaineering shoes, Asolo also makes tactical shoes. Asolo tactical boots have gained high popularity not only among people who are engaged in outdoor activities, but also among special-purpose fighters. The boots are quite versatile, they are suitable for traveling on different terrain, and are also comfortable in the city. They will be ideal choice to wear with bullet-proof vests if needed. Asolo boots are considered one of the best trekking boots in the world, they have a midsole, gortex lining, laces on a metal sole. A special Cordura overlay gives the boots extra durability. It features a black rubberized toe cap and a yellow logo. The average cost of Asolo boots is $ 150. Asolo is a good choice for outdoor enthusiasts, from mountain climbers to hunters and military men.

#9 Meindl Boots

Meindl Boots

The second place is taken by Meindl boots. The history of the company goes back to the 17th century. As a brand, this German company was formed in 1928. Meindl boots are made up of over a hundred parts and are still assembled by hand. The quality of the shoes is monitored at every stage of production. Upon completion of assembly, all boots are tested for strength and durability in special laboratories. Both classic materials and technologies and modern synthetic reinforcing materials are used in Meindl boots. The huge range of Meindl boots includes an army line. The most popular Meindl Desert Fox is specially designed for desert conditions. The Meindl Desert Fox boots are currently used by the British Armed Forces in Iraq and Afghanistan. Meindl Desert Fox leather with nylon inserts. The oil-resistant outsole has a vibration and load absorption system, in the toe there is an insert made of composite materials to protect against impacts. Meindl shoes do not belong to the budget category, their average cost is $ 200.

#10 Lowa Trekking Tactical Shoes

Lowa Trekking Tactical Shoes

In the first place is the most popular Lowa brand trekking tactical shoes. The German company Lowa was founded in 1923. The company occupies one of the leading positions in the world in the production of sports and travel footwear. One of Lowa’s secrets is the unique pads. For their creation, the necessary information has been collected for decades. That is why Lowa shoes are considered by most people to be as comfortable as possible. The characteristic feature of the Lowa range that makes these boots visually recognizable is the lateral support and leg protection system. This protective welt is located around the perimeter of the boot and serves for reliable fixation of the foot, circular protection of the feet from dislocations, side impacts, stones and uneven terrain. Since the early 60s, British, French and German special forces have been using Lowa boots. In Afghanistan, a survey was conducted among NATO troops about the shoes they wear. It turned out that about 70% of respondents use Lowa boots. Thanks to their attractive design and superior performance, Lowa boots have become popular with both hikers and military personnel around the world.