How to Choose Between Night Vision Devices

Best Night Vision Goggles & Binoculars

Night vision devices have been divided into several generations. The models related to the first and second are extremely similar in their structure. The difference between the latter is in the absence of flare and better amplification.

NVDs of the third generation are distinguished by their small dimensions and weight. Their principle of operation is based on the use of photocathodes, which significantly increase the sensitivity of the equipment.

One of the main parameters of NVD is the lens diameter – the brightness of the resulting image depends on it. A diameter of more than 50 mm is considered optimal.

You should also pay attention to the aperture ratio of the model – its value is determined by the ratio of focus and diameter. We recommend purchasing a device with an aperture ratio of 1.5-2.

The convenience of orientation on the terrain and observation at night time is influenced by the field of view of the device. The value is indicated in degrees and determines the maximum viewing angle. For comfortable work, it is better to buy a night vision device with a field of view of at least 10 °.

As the magnification increases, the viewing angle narrows, which should be borne in mind when using the device at a great distance from the object.

The quality of the resulting image is also determined by the focusing range and resolution. The first parameter reflects the distance to the target at which the device can transmit a clear picture. High resolution provides more accurate detail. The recommended value is over 30 lines per millimeter.

It is worth considering the weight and dimensions of the purchased model. With prolonged and active operation of night vision devices, they have a great influence on the convenience of work. Stationary use of the device may require additional accessories such as a tripod or surface mounts.

Rating of the best night vision devices – models for terrain navigation, observation, hunting or special operations.

Best Night Vision Binoculars

The design of such models is based on two parallel telescopes. This allows you to create a stereoscopic image and observe the object with two eyes at the same time.

#1 Dedal DVS-8-DK3/f


NVG is made in a shockproof case, reliably protected from moisture and dust, resistant to temperatures from -40 to +50 ° C. Built-in IR illuminator with adjustable power improves recognition accuracy.

High-aperture optics, automatic brightness adjustment and detailing across the entire field of view ensure image clarity.

Dimensions of the device – 172x148x73 mm. The continuous work time reaches 60 hours. To increase the multiplicity, the owner has the ability to install additional attachments. Beveled eyecups eliminate side exposure.

Interpupillary distance correction and diopter adjustment functions facilitate customization.

  • durable body;
  • heat resistance;
  • individual customization;
  • battery discharge indicator;
  • ample modification possibilities.
  • high price.

Dedal DVS-8-DK3 / f is used to solve various tasks: surveillance of the territory, search and rescue operations, hunting, navigation of ships, etc. A universal choice for use in any climate.

#2 Bars NVB-1M


The model functions both in low light conditions and in complete darkness. The device is resistant to negative temperatures and high levels of humidity. The user has the opportunity to quickly check the operability of the illuminator and the general condition of the NVD by pressing the appropriate buttons.

The binoculars can be modified with objectives of 58, 70 and 100 mm in diameter. The power of the emitter is at least 20 mW, the angular field of view is 10 degrees. The kit includes a cover with a diaphragm, a storage and carrying case, and a set of batteries.

  • long range of work;
  • fourfold increase;
  • resistance to low temperatures;
  • ease of transportation;
  • ease of maintenance.
  • large dimensions.

Bars NVB-1M should be purchased for observing objects at a great distance. It is also good for use in bad weather.

#3 Sightmark Ghost Hunt 4×50


The device is equipped with IR illumination and has the ability to magnify four times. This allows you to clearly see the object even in complete darkness. The body of the binoculars is made of lightweight polymer material and is comfortable when worn for a long time on a belt or in a special case included in the kit.

The operating temperature range is -20 .. + 40 ° C, the battery life is up to 72 hours. A feature of the binoculars is the automatic shutdown function. It interrupts the operation of the NVD in bright light conditions to save energy.

  • heat resistance;
  • saving charge;
  • light weight;
  • individual customization;
  • convenience of storage and transportation.
  • short focusing distance.

Sightmark Ghost Hunt is suitable for operation in difficult conditions. Compact solution for long-term monitoring.

#4 Bestguarder WG-80

Bestguarder WG-80

The model is distinguished by a long range of action – up to 300 meters, thanks to the use of antireflection optics, four- and five-fold zoom. The IPX4 rating allows the binoculars to be used in rain or snow. The USB port makes it possible to connect the NVD to a computer or TV.

The field of view is 7 °, the lens diameter is 50 mm. The binoculars are powered by four AA batteries and have an SD card slot. The owner can store photographs and videos taken through the device on it. For easy storage and carrying, the set includes a case and a strap.

  • individual customization;
  • shooting function;
  • ease of carrying;
  • USB support;
  • memory card slot.
  • small viewing angle.

Bestguarder WG-80 is worth purchasing for hunting or property guarding. It will be useful for observing objects from a long distance, as well as for night photography.

Best Night Vision Monocular Goggles

Models of this type are made in the form of a telescope. The image she creates is devoid of a stereo effect. Monoculars are distinguished by their small dimensions and the convenience of long-term operation, both stationary and in motion.

#5 Veber Bat 6×32

Veber Bat 6x32

The model has a wide range of additional functions. Among them, the determination of the distance to the object and the speed of its movement, the height of the target, the angle of inclination of the device, atmospheric pressure, temperature, etc. The device works properly at any level of natural light.

The lens diameter is 32 mm, the display resolution is 480×240 pixels. The NVR is equipped with an LCD screen with six colors of indication and the ability to adjust the brightness.

The body is made of metal, the side rubber inserts provide a secure grip. The focus ring on the lens makes it easy to adjust the focus.

  • durable body;
  • powerful IR illumination;
  • multifunctionality;
  • possibility of use during the day;
  • ease of portability and maintenance.
  • heavy.

Veber Bat will be useful for scientific research, rescue operations, and will also help in orientation on the ground.

#6 Pulsar Challenger GS 1×20

Pulsar Challenger GS 1x20

The body of the device is made of metal-plastic and is resistant to moisture, dust, falls from a height. The soft rubber eyecup conceals the glow of the image intensifier.

Control is carried out by means of a single switch that allows you to sequentially activate the monocular and IR illumination.

Time of continuous work – 50 hours. The maximum observation distance is 150 meters. Diametrically located mounting slots make it possible to fix the NVD on a special mask.

It can also be mounted on a tripod if needed. The use of an R-Contact optical scheme and a fiber washer reduces distortion at the edge of the field of view to a minimum.

  • lack of image distortion;
  • a high resolution;
  • long-term work;
  • durable body;
  • heat resistance.
  • the inability to zoom in on the picture.

The Pulsar Challenger is designed to be worn on the head – it is very convenient to use such a device while driving, especially when your hands must be free.

#7 Yukon NV 5×60


A large-aperture lens with a diameter of 60 mm and the possibility of five times magnification allow you to get a clear picture at a distance of up to 180 m from the object.

Built-in IR illuminator ensures stable performance in dark environments. The device can be mounted on a tripod for the convenience of stationary observations.

Monocular dimensions – 206x70x93 mm. The field of view covers a sector of 12 degrees. The body is made of durable plastic, which makes the model lightweight. A 3 V CR123A battery is used as a power source. The device can operate continuously for 72 hours.

  • heat resistance;
  • light weight;
  • tripod socket;
  • long-term work;
  • carrying case.
  • short focusing distance.

Yukon NV is recommended for long-term observation of objects. The reliable choice for all-weather operation.

#8 Bresser National Geographic 5×50


The range of the IR illuminator is 100 meters. The monocular allows you to observe the object regardless of the presence of external light sources.

The embossed rubberized cover of the body provides a comfortable grip, the tripod mount allows for comfortable hours of work, freeing your hands.

The lens diameter is 50 mm, the dimensions of the device itself are 173x70x42 mm. The user has the ability to adjust the display brightness and focus. Saved settings are not cleared in the event of an abrupt shutdown due to low batteries.

  • flexible customization;
  • small and lightweight;
  • automatic shutdown;
  • storage case included.
  • high energy consumption.

The Bresser NG 5×50 is suitable for short and medium distance work. The reliable choice for short-term observation.


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